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About Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority

The Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority (OCIA) was created in 1959 to provide bond funding for the construction of office buildings and other infrastructure support for various departments and agencies of the State of Oklahoma, particularly those currently leasing office space.

During its history, the Authority has funded numerous building and infrastructure improvements, including projects benefiting many state agencies, state colleges and universities, correctional facilities, and highway improvements.

The Authority issues Revenue Bonds backed by lease agreements with the various state entities. Upon extinguishment of the bond debt, the improvements remain the property of the Authority or become the property of the state entity leasing the improvement. The Authority also currently operates several state office buildings for the benefit of state agencies.

Key Projects

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The Team

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Authority Members

Governor Kevin Stitt, Chairman

Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, Vice Chairman

Treasurer Todd Russ, Secretary

John Suter, Member 
Executive Director of OMES

Charles Prater, Member
Commissioner, Oklahoma Tax Commission- Secretary Member

Tim Gatz, Member
Executive Director of ODOT

Dr. Deborah Shropshire , Member
Director of OKDHS

Shelley Zumwalt,  Member
Executive Director of Tourism and Recreation

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