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The First Americans Museum is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the heart of Indian Country, on a 33.6 acre site on the Oklahoma River. The FAM’s museum experience intends to feature interactive exhibitions, educational programming and events in a structure exceeding 140,000 square feet, containing architectural spaces that will echo Native American values and traditions, and inclusive of outdoor experiences including a large promontory walk. Groundbreaking on the FAM began in 2005, but construction was halted in 2012 when dedicated funds for the FAM were exhausted. Contracts for design updates and other preparation for construction-related activities on the FAM resumed in the fall of 2017.  The budget to complete the construction of the FAM is $50 million, with funding coming from the following three sources: (i) $25 million in proceeds from the Series 2018B Bond, (ii) $16 million from private and tribal contributions previously deposited in the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum Completion Fund (the “AICCM Completion Fund”) created pursuant to Section 1226.20 of the NACEA Act, a portion of which has already been expended towards completion of the FAM, and (iii) $9 million from the City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (the “City”) pursuant to Section 1226.2 of the NACEA Act, which amount is required to be deposited into the AICCM Completion Fund. Monies on deposit in the AICCM Completion Fund may only be expended for the purpose of completing the FAM. In addition, the City will assume responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the FAM after it opens to the public.  FAM's Grand Opening was September 18-19, 2021.

The American Indian Cultural Center Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is the source of the $16 million previously deposited in the AICCM Completion Fund, intends to spend approximately $15 million on the design, display, and acquisition of exhibits for, and other expenses of, the FAM, the funding of which will come from private and tribal contributions.

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